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Geometiri is a Belgian company specialized in the monitoring of geotechnical sensor data. Designed with seamless automation in mind, Geometiri offers a solid platform for geotechnical processing, visualization and alerting.

Based on decades of field experience and developed with the latest visualization technologies, the platform delivers both on speed and usability. Geometiri combines the ease of a cloud solution with the security of your own private database.

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core characteristics

Fast - faster - fastest

Although you have millions of datalines to consolidate, you still want a tool to give you a visualisation very fast.

Optimised for mobile

The screens need to be responsive so you can concult the screens on smartphones and tablets


You want a tool also to perform a specific alerting action when something happens in the field.

Vendor independent

You want to centralise ALL your instruments in 1 tool instead of using 5 different tools from 5 different vendors.

Geotechnical measurements visualization tool

Creating the future

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After the succes of the 2016 fair, Geometiri is a partner of the 2017 fair in Rome. Come and visit us at our booth!


Since the launch of the new version in January 2017, our solution is now 100% optimised for mobile use on smartphone and tablets