Sensor data visualization tool


About GeoMetiri

Metiri : Latin for 'to measure'

Started in the early 2000's by 2 civil engineers, based on their passion for geology and mathematical challenges

Later on, a structural engineer joined and the development got supported by a group of enthousiast developers and grafic designers.

This passionate group of people continue to support Geometiri's customers on a daily basis, gathering ideas to make the solution even better!


Our advantages

  1. Affordable

    Ask for a quote and find out why our transparant licensing model is so affordable.

  2. Fast

    Wether you want a consolidated view of a few days or 10 years, the performance of the solution is simply amazing

  3. Engineered

    Made by engineers for professionals, not by IT people who have no clue what sensors are all about.

  4. Independent

    We support all major vendors of sensors/instruments so no vendor lock-in.